Pharoahe Monch – Shine Feat. Mela Machinko

When I was first caught news of who was involved in the making of  W.A.R. I was hopeful that the project would throw up something special but nothing had prepared me for what seems like enormously overdue a return to the wider public eye for Diamond D who is certainly no slouch in the beats department if you ask me as much as I am feeling them M-Phazes, Exile & Marco Polo and the other producers on the LP have their work cut out to not sound like overrated new jacks because this beat is on some modern classic s**t!!…

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Admittedly when I was finding my own voice with the raps I most wanted to be like Pharoahe Monch or Special Ed and on this new release Monch does not disappoint in the way he puts words together as a much needed reminder that rapping is an art form midway through the first verse he let’s the beat breathe for a second  in order to deliver…

“Where I come from no one runs when funds run low in lump sums

We choose to dump dum dum ??? ???? dum dun

we livin’ humdrum in the slum where scum conceal stun guns

the words mum for fun son conundrums ain’t pretty

in the cesspool called New York shitty”

Long time collaborator Mela Machinko returns once again on Shine to bring the that scrunch yo’ damn face up  soul too I’m struggling to remember a more heavy track yet this year I have had this on constantly since I got it and I’m sure if you REALLY feel Hip Hop you will too.

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~ by Kid Fury on July 13, 2010.

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