Durrty Goodz – Born Blessed (Download)

Arguably the best of the new generation of MC’s Doogz is revered by Grime fans and Hip Hop heads in equal amounts from the mixtape joints and Wiley disses even if you didn’t cop the Axiom EP or 2009’s Ultrasound if you are a fan of rap surely you will have heard of Durrty Goodz

Born Blessed

My appreciation for Durrty Goodz stems from him seeming more schooled in Hip Hop than all the UK mc’s that have painted themselves into that little grime corner and can’t get out. In his time on the scene he has lit up Grime beats, Bashment riddims and hip hop beats.

Two of his more recent collabo’s that make my personal favourites playlist are his features alongside Me1 on Pay Me No Mind and DJ Mentat‘s What’s Happ’nin.

Goodz has let loose another free LP via his own website. For Born Blessed download link & tracklist

The tracks that I am really feeling on this LP had me scratching my head at why this is being given away free.

With spoken interludes from KRS-ONE this CD takes off pretty much straight away on Everyday with Stephen Marley assisting in painting a not so pretty picture of London town over a nice reggae beat to skank to followed by Childhood a kinda familiar story that deserves your attention and for me to not give away the whole plot.

Then onto The One which sits in that Kano & Chase & Status lane. Undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of music on this LP is Marijuana in which Durrty spits “they say I’m Durrty Goodz and I’m just Marijuana” tells us a tale about his journey from the fields in Jamaica to the streets of UK  it’s on some classic s**t and  I’m sure you too will have this on repeat soaking up all that information and passing it on to your friends next time you are lean up.

The title track Born Blessed was playing out of my computer in the kitchen and my grandmother just started steppin’ (no lie)… “we like dem’ there ol’ time reggae vibes ennit” and she just said a very mature “hmm hmmm” with Mighty Diamond singing “They say wanna start revolution but they don’t wanna fight no, They say wanna stop reggae music I wanna see them try” I shouldn’t have to convince anybody to go cop this as it contains some of 2010’s highest hopes for UK music.

Download  >>Durrty Goodz – Born Blessed (2010)


1. Rise (Intro)

2. Everyday Feat. Stephen Marley

3. Childhood Feat. Caron Wheeler

4. The One

5. Keep It Road

6. Raise Ya Standard Feat. Crazy Titch

7. Marijuana

8. Life

9. Born Blessed Feat. Mighty Diamond

10. T.E.D.D.Y

Follow Durrty Goodz on Twitter @DurrtyGoodz


~ by Kid Fury on July 10, 2010.

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