Ed Sheeran – Homeless (Download)

I admit that I am one of the only people in the whole UK that slept on Ed Sheeran.

But anybody who knows me knows that I refuse to like something just because of the hype.

Ed has proved to be the phenomenal talent I had read about quite simply by backing up his buzz with dope songs and highly engaging live shows. I had the pleasure of meeting the man himself during the Example tour for which he was opening act I was introduced to him in Oxford by my man Fanny from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool as a local rapper to which Ed Sheeran says “really lets have some bars” then starts strumming away and tapping out a beat on his guitar so I respond as any self respecting rappers should and kick some rhymes to which he says “you should join us on stage for my final song” … really? OK.

This is something that in my years I have never known somebody in the type of position this guy is in to do. So to me it goes beyond him being a nice guy. To show love to MC Nobody just because you like the way he raps used to be part and parcel with Hip Hop and what happened backstage may have been the first impromptu cypher I have been involved in for years making him not just a dope singer or just a dope musician or just a dope entertainer but also a young dude that whether on purpose or inadvertently has love a love respect for music as an art and recognizes the traditions that help you build your skills which to rap nerds instantly puts you way ahead of the competition but he also has a more wide appeal.

Can’t front on him… not even a little!!

Homeless was unleashed via Ed’s twitter feed on friday …go get it!!

Ed Sheeran click picture for download via Iamsentient

Ed Sheeran will also be at The Cosy Show on Tuesday 6th July an event which will also feature Jada Pearl

Follow Ed Sheeran on Twitter @EdSheeran


~ by Kid Fury on June 28, 2010.

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